Among the things that matter to a vast majority of folks out there today are their jobs, relationships, and the places that they live in. Not many people are ready to abandon these things and start over elsewhere, mainly because they do not sit well with ideas of starting over in other places or countries.

Quitting your high paying job is not an easy choice to make since you cannot be sure whether you’ll get a job of similar status or perks at the place where you will go. When it comes to your relationship as well, it is not easy to leave your current relationship for life in a foreign country. Why doing all these tasks may seem challenging, people have done so in the past, which only shows that this is possible and can be done.

Come to Terms With You Leaving Your Job

A job is among the important things one can have in their lives. Leaving your job can be a tough decision to make, especially when you are not sure of landing a job early as possible when you arrive in that new town or foreign country as well. However, this does not really mean that you should not plan how you are going to start your life in that foreign country. Leaving for a foreign country to live there requires some upstart amount of cash and resources, and you would be better off if you planned.

Before you leave your job, first make sure that you have saved the funds that will allow you to stay in the foreign country of your choosing until the time you’d get a job. This is very important. It will help you pre-empt awkward situations where you do not have the requisite funds for starting and sustaining your life in that foreign country. It is a very unpleasant situation, by any metric.

However, this does not mean that you cannot leave your high paying job. You have to make a concise plan on how you are going to maneuver, after which you can comfortably leave your job and plan how you will stay in that foreign country.

Your Relationship

When you stay for quite some time in a particular country, or area for that matter, the chances are high that you will build and cultivate a relationship with someone. However, it is essential to keep in mind that people have plans for their lives, and some people value their plans a lot. Such folks do not easily allow other issues to come in the way of their plans – issues including relationships or friendships. Walking away or leaving a relationship may at times prove difficult, but it is quite easy since you could find that at times, both parties are harboring similar plans and intentions.

You could also as well talk it out so that both of you can arrive at a solution that works out for everyone. If you want to leave the relationship, then you could also talk about it, discuss it, and arrive at a solution that will favor the both of you – and your agenda as well, which is to leave the relationship.

Forgetting About Your Flat

Not many people like switching places of residences or flats. It takes time and effort to get a flat that is well located in town, and for a majority, leaving is often not in mind, unless it is unavoidable, like say a change in jobs or any other solid reason.

However, you can leave your flat like you’d leave your relationship or your high-paying job. Leaving your apartment should not be an uphill task since it will just come automatically the moment you make up your mind on leaving your job and your relationship.

In closing, leaving for a foreign country is not that difficult, since you need to know how to appropriately detach yourself from some of the activities that keep your occupied or busy in your current or home country.  Here is a checklist that could help you out.

  • Look for a suitable country that meets your expectations.
  • Plan your finances.
  • Ensure that you do adequate research on the job market and employment opportunities there. With time, you’ll need to secure a job over there.
  • Make arrangements of how you are going to leave your place of residence.
  • Ensure you are prepared enough to leave the relationship.


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