Born on 27th December 1901, Marie Magdalene popularly referred to as “Marlene” Dietrich was a famous German singer and actress who possessed both American and German citizenship (McNeill & Corinna, 12). The incumbent artist began her career from the early 1990s to the late 1980s before her death on 6th May 1992. Merlin Dietrich’s maintained popularity by a continuous reinvention of herself throughout her career. This paper presents a resume of her artistic life in Berlin.


Beazley adds that Marlene visited different places while in Berlin with the aim of improving her career (56). She first appeared on stage professionally as a chorus girl while on tour with her friend, Guido. Marlene was a friend to Rudolf Nelson whom she accompanied during her first appearance on stage in Berlin. Dietrich unsuccessfully auditioned for the position of theatrical director Max Reinhardt’s drama academy, but she found herself working as a chorus girl in the college (McNeill and Corinna, 13).

Rudolf Sieber who was one of her best friends while in Berlin turned into her future husband after being married in a civil ceremony in 1923 (Beazley, 34). At this moment Merlin Dietrich kissed for the first time. Dietrich’s commitment to her career saw her make new friends and travel to several places including Vienna. The incumbent artist played several small roles in drama before evolving into a popular character who acted several traits in famous literary works such as Pandora Box authored by Frank Wedekind and The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (Beazley, 34).

According to McNeill and Corinna, Marlene is suspected to have been a committed character that spared time for catching up with her friends while taking coffee and traversing through their life experiences (14). As a result, she could attend shopping to great places in Berlin, Germany alongside her husband and her friends.


Dietrich is known for her humanitarian devotion during the war by having provided accommodation for a plethora of German and French exiles who were suffering from the defeat. The incumbent artist’s career flourished in the US and spent much of her time providing financial support to the Germans alongside fighting for their rights as US citizenship. Dietrich died on 6th May 1992.

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