Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajjacio France on fifteenth August in the year 1769.  He was the fourth born to Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino and named after an elder brother who had died. During his early childhood, he stayed together with his parents on the island of Corsica. Since his dad, Carlos was an attorney; most of Napoleon’s youthful age a significant influence from his mother who advocated for discipline and morals.


Napoleon joined the military at a younger age of 24 and rose quickly to higher ranks, and at 26, he led the first military campaign that made him win almost all the battles. He became the second lieutenant of the French army during French revolution to overthrow King Louis. During his military career, he was named a government head, an emperor and a great leader of the military. He succeeded in establishing governments, legal reforms, and conquering battles.


Napoleon was interested in two disciplines that comprise geography and history. Geography enabled him to understand the world and existing territories in the world. History also helped him to learn about past world leaders.  As most generals, he enjoyed playing chess during his free time. He is also known to write the synopsis of anything that he read. However, he did not like Britain and hardly lost a battle. He loved political science, but he never liked fights from European countries for power. Napoleon did not like being weak.


Napoleon died of cancer on May 5, 1821. This was after he lost several battles after which he surrendered and sent to exile in the Island of Helena.

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