Industry Expertise

Fast Manual Translations has industry expertise in a range of fields, which we make available to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals as part of our commitment to serving our clients. Below, you will find descriptions of some of our areas of industry expertise.

Website Translation and Localization
Because the global marketplace has made the internet a necessity for any business, you can improve your sales and your company’s image by offering your website in more than one language. This improves your bottom line by making your content available to more customers. Our translators understand the intricacies of the cultures and languages they translate, allowing them to render your content in a natural and attractive way to help reach new potential customers, an important aspect of expanding your firm’s global reach.

Legal Translation
In order to do business in a diverse and globalized world, specialized legal translations are an increasingly necessary requirement to keep business flowing across borders. These translations require accuracy and precision so each party understands exactly what is written and what it means.  Fast Manual Translationsis a master of legal translations, especially real estate translations. If you are transferring a deed, signing a lease, or making an offer, we can translate your document into your native language so you’ll know exactly what it says and what it means for you. Legal documents can be hard to read in any language, but FMT can make them readable in your language.

Medical Translation
If you’re new in the Boston area, you need to ensure quality continuity of care by having your medical documents translated accurately into your doctor’s language so your new physician can give you the best care and learn about your medical history. Additionally, FMT offers corporate medical translations for documentation including clinical trial information, drug interaction listings, patent applications, and other medical materials. Our translators are equipped with medical industry expertise so our medical translations are always accurate and use appropriate medical terminology where needed. 

Financial Translation
FMT experts are well aware of the special needs of the finance industry, and since Boston is one of the nation’s financial capitals, it’s especially important to serve this industry well. Our translators know the industry thoroughly and can translate financial terminology, depending on your needs, in both industry-specific language and in layman’s terms. We can translate annual reports, financial statements, and other documentation in any number of leading global languages to help your business expand its reach and appeal to its target demographics and markets.

Marketing Translation
Marketing materials are the “face” your company shows the world, and nothing can you’re your company’s reputation as quickly as poorly-translated marketing materials. To avoid a marketing meltdown, entrust your materials to a company with a reputation for integrity and accuracy. We translate not just the literal meaning of words; we localize content to appeal to target audiences naturally and fluidly, in their own way. From websites and printed materials to slogans and tag lines, our translators will go over your marketing materials to help you develop a clear and concise message for each language you translate into that will help sell your company to potential customers using the idioms, values, and attitudes they trust and respect.