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About us

We live for translation. We love what we do, and we employ dynamic customer service to support every translation project. Our head office is in North America, and we employ the highest quality translators to produce powerful translations. All our translators pass rigorous qualification and quality tests to ensure every translation is fluid and accurate.

We will never use machines to translate your project. Our translators are actual human beings with years of training and a proven record of quality translations. Every translator is fully vetted to meet our highest quality standards because we want only the best working on our clients’ projects.

Our translators have years of experience producing high quality translations, and they have the education and professional credentials needed to complete any project. Each translator has studied translation at an academic level or has a combination of academic credentials and real world experience to pass our most rigorous qualification tests.

Our translators live and work around the world so we always have translators available any time of day or night. The vast majority are based right here in North America, and many others live in Europe and throughout the world. We work closely with translators worldwide so when you need content localized we have someone “on the ground” working with the language where you need content localized.

Our translators work with more than 200 languages and dialects, including many that are relatively obscure. If there is a language or dialect, chances are that we have translated it or we can. In fact, many other translation agencies contact us when they can’t fulfill a project in a particular obscure language. We can translate any language with an oral and written rule set.

Yes. Both Fast Manual Translations and the individual translator working on your project will sign your NDA.

Yes, we can. As long as we have the original documents, we can have a notary public certify your documents upon request.


Yes! We offer two ways to receive a free quote for your project: You can fill out our online quote form for a quick response. We’ll contact you quickly to discuss your project. 

For most projects, we can provide a quote within 15 minutes. For especially long or complex projects, we’ll contact you within 15 minutes to let you know we’ve received your request and will have a quote for you soon, typically within a couple of hours.

Our rates vary based on language and the complexity of the translation. One of our specialties is in handling emergency translation services. Getting a price is very easyfficult but does depend on your work. Our quote system works extremely fast and a quote will be forthcoming within 3 business hours in the vast majority of cases and many times within an hour.

If we fail to meet your expectations for any reason, please contact our office immediately to let us know about your concerns. We want to satisfy every customer, and we’ll work with you to correct the situation and deliver a translation that meets your every need. We pride ourselves in after-sale service. Our commitment with every project is to deliver the “FMT Difference.”

A translation agency like Fast Manual Translations is larger, more established, and better able to handle complex projects, multiple projects, or projects covering multiple languages. Additionally, you know we’ll always be here to answer the phone or email when you have questions during the translation process, after you’ve received your translation, and when you need future projects translated.

We base our rates on your document’s word count as well as the type of translation service needed. Different types of documents are more or less complicated than others, and our rates reflect this. A real estate transaction, for example, requires more specialized knowledge than a wedding speech and is reflected in our rates.

Yes, there is a price difference. Because there are many more native English speaking translators than translators whose first language is not English, having something translated into English is less expensive than translating from English into another language.

Delivery times vary based on the type of translation service and document length. We average approximately 1,000-2,000 words per day with most translations completed within 3 days. We also offer a rush service for a faster turnaround time.

We treat all documents as confidential and will never share them with others. We will also sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

We offer desktop publishing and document formatting services for an additional fee.

We take cash, credit card, cheques (only from approved business clients), PayPal, and wire transfers.

Translation Process

Once you place your order with us, we spring into action to complete your project by assigning it to an expert translator. Your personal translator will assess your project and contact us so we can contact you if any additional information is required. Then, your translator completes your project according to your specifications. We then proofread your translator’s finished document and recheck it for accuracy and consistency. Once we’ve determined your project is complete, our SAP system emails it to you.

Human translators are the only way to ensure your document is correct and consistent. Our translators know the language inside and out and can recognize subtleties that machines can (and usually do) miss. When you need text that is clear, readable, and accurate, only a human translator can deliver professional-quality results.

We ask the purpose of your translated document so we can evaluate the type of translation service needed and the most qualified translator to complete your project. We also ask about the purpose so we can determine the follow-up questions we need to ask to ensure accuracy the first time and to avoid errors.

Internet products use machines to translate text. While this may be fine for casual reading, machine translations will not result in the professional level text needed to ensure accuracy and readability.

Yes! Please send us any files you feel we need to understand and translate your project.

We are able to deliver projects in a range of formats to meet client needs. Most clients request word processor documents such as Microsoft Word delivered as email attachments. We can also deliver via fax, or as a PDF, Illustrator file, or other desktop publishing program file.

We provide your translated document in your requested electronic format and, if requested, as a hard copy. We can deliver your project via email, fax, or courier. We are also happy to accommodate special delivery requests if you have a preferred method delivery not listed here.

Types of Translations

Yes! We are dedicated to helping every client on any deadline. Call us 24 hours a day to learn more about our same-day service.

A translator works with written text, while an interpreter translates orally between two speakers of different languages.

Localization refers to the process of adapting a product such as software, a website, etc. for a particular market, culture, or country. For example, to localize a website for the Mexican market, you need to be sure to use idioms and language appropriate for Mexico, which can (and often are) different from other Spanish-speaking countries, like Spain. Localization involves understanding the specific language, values, and needs of specific markets, cultures, or countries. Contact us to learn more about how we can localize your product for your target market.

Machine translation refers to the use of software programs to translate documents without the involvement of a human translator. Examples include Babelfish and Google Translate.

No! We never use machines to translate your projects. We only use educated, highly-qualified human translators for every project we deliver. Machines are not able to understand the subtleties of language, and most machine translations are undecipherable to native speakers. If you find a translation service charging unrealistically low rates, chances are they are using a machine to translate with a quick touch-up from an editor to eliminate the most egregious errors—but with the risk of substantial inaccuracies.

Certified translators and interpreters are those who have had their skills tested by governing bodies of professional organizations to ensure their quality and accuracy. Most of the translators we work with come to us with certifications in their language of specialization, and all of our translators must pass our rigorous qualification process, ensuring that they will do a good job and can complete projects quickly and efficiently.